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Would you rather?: game

2014-06-03 16:05:37 by Nightlady69

Would you rather stick your balls under the tire of a 2 ton pickup truck and have it run over them repeatedly, or pierce the tip of your dick to your nutsack then staple your nutsack to your asshole? pick to win, win by commenting your answer.


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2014-06-03 16:13:13

I'd rather get shoot in the head and survive with half my brain missing then choosing either of these things.

Nightlady69 responds:

thats a good answer and probably a common thrid but unfortunately you must choose one I'm sorry. :(


2014-06-03 17:44:12

Oh, come on man. That's too hard to choose. That's like asking me if I'd rather pick having every damn console in the world without family or have my family without consoles.

(I'm a console collector if you couldn't tell)


Nightlady69 responds:

Im sorry bro but sometimes you have to play with the cards your dealt.